Friday, July 28, 2017

OOTD: Profesionally White, Red Lips


Another random outfit of the day post from me. Who’s excited? Me!
This look is so simple, but I do think it’s cute and chic enough to be featured in my blog. Lately I’ve been attending events again, back to the real blogger life eh? I totally miss that life, meeting new people, chit-chatting, but one thing for sure that I hate the most from an event is…the dress code rule. Bah.

Especially when the last two events I attended, asked for white dress code. I literally went to Zara FOUR TIMES last week, and carefully browsed every Zara store in Surabaya just to find the perfect white clothes. Not to mention the online stores & thrift ones as well…but I found nothing that suited my liking. White is not my thing, as I naturally gravitate to black stuff whenever browsing in stores. So now you know how much I struggle to find white pieces that I really like. Whites in my closet are mostly basic shirts, slim-fit, super sleek – for work/business presentation purposes.

As you probably notice, my style is rather cute and simple. Picking trendy items like culottes and robes are totally impossible for me. Those are things I honestly think awesome, but I won’t even consider them as a choice for myself. It’s just not me. Then I came to think about wearing one of those sleek white shirts for this event. Why not going all white, looking professional and chic at the same time? After all, I just found a cute pre-loved H&M shorts with nice crochet detail in Carousell. After putting all the items together in my Polyvore app, I was happy with the mood board and went with it. 

Results? Scroll down now!

** don't forget to click on pics for better resolutions + bigger pic! **

When I knew that I would be attending Clariskin's Beauti(phi)losophy event - report soon - at Four Points, I chose to be a little dressy but not too much because I wanted to keep it simple and very "Oline"-ish. I couldn't be under-dressed, but not ready to be overdressed like socialites out there because I simply have no budget to do so. Heh. So a professional yet clean, sleek look was the best to go for!

I picked a rather casual white shirt, with chiffon material for a more relaxed feeling & look. Express Porfofino shirt is BAE. It’s very lightweight, airy, and non-wrinkly. Super love! The only downside is that, I am a size 00/XXS in this brand and it’s kinda hard to find great picks from them when shopping online I do have this shirt in like, 3 more colors, but the White fits the best because it’s in size XXS and the other ones are in size XS.

red lips make every smile 1000% more beautiful. trust me.

I got this cute, mid-waist shorts from H&M in Carousell. Got it in a very good price! A preloved with great condition. What I like the most is that the full-crochet applique on the front side, it just spices up the plain white shorts beautifully 😊

bonus: indoor pic because the bushes wall is AWESOME RIGHT

I squat for pics like this. ayeee.

My bag is a dupe of Prada Saffiano hehe. Don’t judge, don’t judge *prays hard*
It’s well-structured and the size is just perfect for me. Looks small, but I can fit my X-A1 camera in it, along with girls’ stuff like phone, few makeup items, money and cards.

smile bright because the lighting, the place, the outfit is perfect! ;) 

Finally, the star of the show, my beige peep-toe heels from Aldo with crystal appliques on the heels. DAMN CHIO!!

super snob i cant...

Plus my red-lips, as seen in Priyanka Chopra on Emmy’s Night last year: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in Rouge Charnel. Aye, baby. A fellow asked me after the event about my lippy because it looked very bright, radiant, and beautiful. Aye baby, Chanel on duty. Best $43 spent in my life is always for Chanel lipsticks. They . never . disappoint .  

Top – Express White Portofino Shirt
Bottom – H&M White Shorts
Bag – Prada Saffiano Mini Tote ** dupe **
Shoes – Aldo Eilers
Necklace – Accessorize
Earrings – Accessorize

Most pictures in this post were taken by the one and only Ce Nessya. I love her capture so much, thank you Ce for bearing with me! Le BF can’t bear with me asking him to take pics so well…girls should really support another girl, right 😉 cause there are things that can’t be handled 100% by boys.


That’s all for this quick post! What do you think about my outfit? Like it or leave it? Comment down below so I know what others think about it! Anyway, I’m thinking about doing *ahem* more fashion posts in the future. Plus, I’m quite interested in doing fashion haul/lookbook videos! Whaddya think about that? Share your thoughts because I need you guys’ opinion!

Until next time, XO!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Review: Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream [SPONSORED]

Hello Girls!
Today I’ll be doing this post in Bahasa instead. Yup, selain karena ini adalah produk lokal asli Indonesia, aku juga sudah lama sekali ya nggak tulis blog post pakai Bahasa. Jadi untuk memudahkan pembaca aku yang dari Indonesia untuk terhubung denganku lagi setelah sekian lama 😊

Jadi beberapa bulan lalu, aku sudah mendengar kabar kalau Purbasari Indonesia akan mengeluarkan matte lip cream pertama mereka. Jujur, siapa saja pasti excited karena merek ini terkenal dengan lipstik matte-nya juga, kan? Ketika ada seorang member dari Surabaya Beauty Blogger memasukkan screenshot dari salah satu unggahan Purbasari Indonesia di Instagram-nya kedalam grup, tentu saja aku termasuk salah satu diantara blogger yang langsung meluncur ke TKP dan mendaftar. Semoga bisa kepilih! Finally, I got chosen by their team to be reviewing this product for my readers. Yay!

Sama seperti Matte Lipstick-nya, Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream ini juga dilengkapi dengan kemasan luar yakni kardus untuk melindungi produk didalamnya. Desain dari box ini juga cukup sederhana, didominasi dengan warna hitam dan bahan kertas doff serta pada bagian tengahnya dilubangi untuk memudahkan kita melihat warna asli dari produk yang ada didalamnya. Just in case stiker penanda warna di bagian atas salah tempel mungkin ya, hehe!

Hi-Matte Lip Cream Hydra Series
Brand: Purbasari
Netto Weight/Content: 6.5 g
Origin: Indonesia
Price: IDR 40,000 - 55,000
Where to Buy: Local Cosmetics Store


Saat pertama kali mengeluarkan produk dari box luar, kesan pertamaku ialah wow! Cantik sekali kemasan lip cream ini, ada kesan elegan dari paduan tube bening dan tutupnya yang berwarna hitam dan doff, serta pinggiran emas diantara keduanya. Meski terbuat dari plastik, sama sekali tidak terlihat murah lho! Bentuk tube persegi lebih nampak elegan daripada tube tabung pada umumnya, ditambah lagi pada keempat sisinya dibuat tegas dan tidak rounded gitu.

Satu hal lagi yang penting bagiku, ialah sebuah produk bibir yang nggak berat di kemasan dan super tahan banting. Bukan hanya berbicara masalah kualitas produk, bagiku tube lip cream ini cukup ringan dan cukup tahan goresan dan benturan. Karena bentuk tube-nya persegi, bisa jadi kalau jatuh/terbentur dengan produk lain dia akan mudah tergores atau retak, namun ternyata nggak sama sekali lho! Aku membawa seluruh produk ini bersamaku ke Malaysia kemarin, dan nggak aku letakkan didalam makeup pouch tapi langsung di koper carry-on. Kena desakan barang sana-sini, benturan, jatuh, tapi kemasannya masih utuh dan cantik banget.

(L-R): Vinca - Azalea - Lantana - Zinnia - Freesia

Secara umum, lip cream ini sangat creamy dan formulanya ringan di bibir sehingga tidak mudah menggumpal. Kalian yang penggemar lip cream, pasti tahu kan bagaimana rasanya kalau produk menggumpal di bibir…ew banget! Namun Hi-Matte Lip Cream ini memiliki formulasi yang cukup konsisten untuk setiap warna, dan untuk ketahanan juga cukup baik kecuali tentunya pada shade-shade terang seperti Vinca dan Azalea ya. Tentu saja setelah sepiring nasi Padang, nggak akan ada lagi yang tersisa di bibir kita – apalagi kalau lagi lapar hehe!

Karena dari namanya saja sudah mengandung kata-kata hydra, memang saat diaplikasikan lip cream ini tidak membuat bibir kita nampak kering-kerontang. Namun seiring berjalannya waktu, lip cream ini juga akan masuk ke sela-sela garis natural di bibir kita dan membuatnya nampak kering huhu Padahal, menurutku sih nggak drying ya saat dipakai.

Selain itu, satu hal lagi yang amat baik menurutku ialah seluruh warna di seri produk ini true-to-color. Apa yang kamu lihat di tube, itu yang kamu dapatkan pula saat mengaplikasikan produk di bibir! Banyak produk yang karena formulanya ringan, akhirnya mengorbankan konsistensi dari cream itu sendiri dan membuat warna jadi tidak terlalu nyata sebagaimana nampak di tube. Hal ini nggak terjadi di Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream, meski pada beberapa warna memang ada yang agak sheer/tipis saat diaplikasikan, namun warnanya menurutku masih sama seperti yang seharusnya. Tinggal dipulas lagi deh dan di build ke ketebalan idaman, beres!

Arm Swatch: Vinca - Azalea
Arm Swatch: Lantana - Zinnia - Freesia

Oke, sekarang kita masuk ke in-depth review untuk masing-masing warna!

01 Vinca

Vinca bagiku ialah warna peach muda, dengan base putih dan peach ya, jadi bukan cokelat. Warna ini cukup terang dan pucat, namun aku suka banget dengan warna ini! Vinca tahan hingga 3 jam di bibirku. Color payoff-nya amat baik, namun karena warnanya yang memang terang jadi nampak tidak membaur dengan baik dengan bibir kalau langsung diaplikasikan dengan tebal. Untuk mengatasi hal ini, aku biasanya aplikasikan Vaseline atau pelembab bibir yang emollient dulu, baru memakai Vinca dan meratakannya dengan jari. Ketika sudah agak kering, barulah aku mengaplikasikan pulasan kedua di bibir. Hasilnya? Foto dibawah ini!

02 Azalea

Azalea ini warna favoritku, serius! Aku bukan penggemar warna nude atau netral, terlebih warna MLBB (my lips but better). Namun setelah mencoba Azalea, aku benar-benar jatuh cinta. Warnanya ini cukup unik, neutral brown namun dengan sentuhan merah yang tepat sehingga tidak terlalu pucat maupun terlalu norak. Warna ini bagus meski dipakai tanpa makeup sama sekali di wajah, dan langsung dapat membuat wajah kita segar seketika.
Satu kekurangan kecil, ialah warna ini butuh 2 ulasan untuk dapat mencapai full coverage dan color payoff yang sempurna. Selain itu, warna ini sempurna! Tahan hingga 3 jam tanpa heavy meals ya 😉

03 Lantana

Lantana is a very gorgeous color. Warna ini ialah merah koral yang segar, dengan color payoff yang sangat baik, dan ketahanan yang luar biasa! Di bibirku, Lantana tahan sekitar 4-5 jam. Ini juga merupakan warna favoritku karena formulanya yang luar biasa dan membuat wajah kita langsung segar dan cerah saat dipakai. Tentu saja karena lebih gelap dan intense, warna ini lebih tahan daripada dua warna sebelumnya. Total love!

04 Zinnia

Zinnia adalah Barbie pink – tidak terlalu merah dan tidak terlalu ungu. Perfect Barbie pink indeed! Meski aku bilang warna ini termasuk Barbie pink, namun Zinnia ini tidak norak. Malah, aku agak kecewa dengan formulasi dari warna ini konsistensinya cenderung lebih tipis dari warna-warna lain. Untuk mendapat full coverage dan color payoff yang sempurna, butuh 2-3 ulasan. Aku cukup sedih, karena Zinnia ini lucuuuuu banget warnanya dan once again, bikin muka kita segar dan cerah kalau dipakai. Ketahanan Zinnia juga kurang baik, setara dengan Azalea dan Vinca, Zinnia hanya tahan hingga 3 jam di bibirku. Sad because it’s my favorite and I had big hope in it!

05 Freesia

Freesia is another favorite. Girl, this is the color you should get. Now. Cepetan dibeli, Freesia ini cakep banget warnanya! Merah gelap yang membuat tampilan kamu tampak mewah dan mempesona. Serius, aku nggak lagi gombal atau promosi. Formula, color payoff, ketahanan dari Freesia ini JUARA BANGET. Bener-bener juara. Merahnya itu bukan merah terang yang fire hydrant red gitu, namun cenderung gelap dan membuat warna ini nampak elegan dan “mahal”. Freesia juga tahan di bibir meski setelah aku makan iga penyet di Leko, jalan-jalan, dan minum Starbucks ukuran venti sampai habis. Hehe, total 5 jam. #maruk
Pakai lip cream ini membuat kamu seperti England Lady gitu deh! Serius. Lihat sendiri deh gimana warna ini di aku:

Last Words?
Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Hydra Series ini salah satu produk lip cream yang harus kamu miliki, terutama untuk warna Lantana, Freesia, dan Azalea. Sesungguhnya semua warnanya sih cantik, namun pribadi aku menyarankan ketiga warna itu untuk ada di koleksi kamu. Selain karena harganya yang murah dan kemasan yang memang cantik, formula dari lip cream ini juga nggak kalah dengan produk dengan harga 2-3 kali lipat diatasnya lho! Aku salut banget sama produk lokal Indonesia yang mulai bersaing dengan produk luar negeri, terlebih kalau harganya terjangkau dan kualitas yang luar biasa. 

Untuk ketahanan, lip cream ini juga cukup baik ketahanannya di bibir dan tidak membuat bibir terasa ketarik atau kering gitu. Sesuai namanya, lip cream ini memiliki finish dead matte jadi buat kalian yang kurang suka dengan produk bibir matte, mungkin pemakaian lip balm baik sebelum maupun sesudah aplikasi produk ini dapat membantu.


Oya, meskipun produk ini merupakan PR Kit/produk sponsor, semua opini yang tertuang di tulisan ini 100% murni opini pribadi ya girls 😉

Jadi gimana nih pendapat kalian soal Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream? Sudah pada nyobain? Atau jadi makin penasaran setelah baca review aku? Kutunggu komentar dan masukan kalian ya di kolom komentar dibawah! Thank you for reading this post, xoxo!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Massive Malaysia Haul and Birthday Presents!

Hello Angels!

June is my favorite because it’s my birthday month *ahem* also, it always means holiday for students. I was lucky to be able to travel to Malaysia just a few days after my birthday, because it totally sucked to stay in town during long Eid Mubarak Holiday – every store, restaurant, even warung is going to CLOSE for the whole week and my family wouldn’t wanna die of starvation hehe. And why Malaysia? Because even though it’s also a Moslem country like in here, their national public holiday only lasted for two days of Hari Raya only and after that, every business was going to be back normal again. I am now thinking of moving there because IMHO it’s far better than my own country now. Sigh.

That’s only the first reason and not the main one. The ultimate reason of why Malaysia as the destination is because…

From makeup to skincare products, to foods, to clothes… aiya no compare to what’s in Indonesia la. Things are getting more and more expensive here especially those brands in mall – be it fast fashion brands or the designer, higher-end ones. With only $200 per person, my family can eat, sleep, shop, and travel to every place possible nicely for 6 days – including the accommodation and flight fare. Crazy, right! And for me, because it’s my birthday month plus the Eid Mubarak was near (which means A LOT OF DISCOUNTS WILL GOING ON), I justified myself to shop a little more there. Without further ado, here’s my massive haul!

*** Warnings: tons of photos below. ***
*** Disclaimer: I’m not doing this for bragging/showing off purposes, it’s just because I’d love to share what I got and hopefully that will be useful to you if you’re looking for the same thing! ***

Accessories Haul

Gold Stud Earrings (Multi, RM 37.90)
Gold Clip On Earrings (Multi, RM 32.90)
Sterling 925 Silver with Swarovski Stud Earring (RM 37.90)

This two was included in Lovisa’s buy one get one sale. I couldn’t take my eyes off the rack but ended up only getting these two, and that made me sad until today I should’ve picked some more, right? Converted to Rupiahs, I only paid around IDR 115,000 for both set. Crazy!

Also la girls, don’t be mad at me LOL next is hair piece/accessories, for only RM 18 each. Yea you read that right. Approx. IDR 57,000 for one.

Black Net Head Piece (–RM 117.90– RM 18)
Gold Big Head Piece (–RM 87.90– RM 18)
Crystal Medium Hair Accessory (–RM 62.90RM 18)

I . love . every . single . one . of . them.
Not to mention that the black net head piece resembles those worn by European Countries’ Princesses, it’s very classy and elegant while worn. The stiff bow detail makes it looks cuter and very much suits my personality & style.

The Gold head piece? Just don’t start, I don’t want to ramble how pretty is that for the next 3 hours. I love it so much, very sophisticated and looks madly expensive. The details on the leaves, magnificent!

Beauty Haul

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity (RM 90.30)
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (RM 12.40)

I want to try Banila Clean It Zero once again, now in Purity version. Since the last unlucky experience with this product, I’m still curious whether it will work for me or nah so I prefer to get it on my own in store. Three Cleansing Oil is indeed great but it causes great damage to the wallet! With only a fraction of Three’s price, I hope this product will be able to replace Three for my first-step cleansing product.

Mom used Vaseline for her all-over body moisturizer and her skin’s looking great…then she influenced me to use one also. Let’s see how this works.

Kiss Me Make Impact Long and Curl Mascara (RM 64.90)
Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Cover Powder (gift for Tata! So the price is hidden hehe)
Annie’s Way Charcoal Oil Control Jelly Mask (freebies from Sasa, after spending above RM 100)
Kiss Me Long and Curl Advanced Film Mascara x 3 (RM 49.90 each)

Stocking up the old fave, Long and Curl mascara! I bought 3 packs and still wanting to get the fourth…just because they were on sale for only RM 42. For the Make Impact one, it’s waaaay pricier than the regular Long and Curl mascara. Wondering why, I bought one to make comparison and see which one’s better.

Canmake Mermaid UV Gel SPF 50/PA++++ (¥ 700)
Jill Stuart Lash Curler (¥ 1296)
Majolica Majorca Lash King Waterproof Mascara (¥ 1296)
DHC Lip Balm (¥ 703)

I put these Japan haul from Tata here also because I haven’t post anything about these babies yet. This is crazy – I get 5 items (including the famous Shiseido Baby Powder, kidnapped by Mom already) for only IDR 500,000! And the Yen’s a bit expensive at that time. I feel a very deep regret for ordering through online store a lot back then… Thank you Tata for buying this products for me!

Artdeco Nail Polish (RM 30)
ZA Killer Big Eyes BR141 (RM 10, on clearance sale)
Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo + Conditioner Set (RM 5, on clearance sale)
LB Penfriend Waterproof Pencil Liner in Jet Black (RM 37)

I got these babies at Sasa Outlet Store in Genting Premium Outlets, they just opened their first outlet store there so a lot of promotions, PWPs, GWPs, are still going on. It’s damn cheap there LOL and a looooot of makeup/skincare/perfumes are on sale there, crazily cheap, go get them before they’re gone. One useful tips from me, do check the expiration date – if you have good eyes and willing to dig into a pile of products, you’ll get newly manufactured items like I did!

And oh, I got the Cosme 1 LB Penfriend Liner in the same color: Jet Black. Sigh. If you’d love to try it as well as I do, just hit me up on email. I will let one go for a far cheaper price that online shop’s price. Bought it because it has a lot of good reviews too.

Albion EXAGE Pure White Milk III (RM 205)
Mamonde Rose Water Toner (IDR 185,000)
Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (RM 27.90)

Repurchasing my fourth bottle of Albion Milk, but not getting the Skin Conditioner because it’s too pricey already la! I changed the toner with that Mamonde, and my skin is doing very well. Lessons learned: Albion’s star is their milks, not the SkinCon.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Foundation (IDR 650.000)
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler (IDR 150.000 – on sale)
Make Up For Ever Minis (GWP)
Sephora Instant Moisture Cream 15 ml (GWP)

I got voucher from Sephora so why not, repurchasing my old holy grail: Pro Finish Powder Foundation? Also the Tangle Teezer has been on my wish list since like 5 months ago, so I got that one too while it’s still on sale.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #56 Rouge Charnel (RM 120)
Chanel Rouge Coco in #468 Michele (RM 120)
Chanel Les Beiges Sample (GWP)

I also bought the Rouge Allure in Virevoltante but it looked great on Mom so for Mom it is 😉 Chanel in Malaysia is sooooooo cheap I really held myself back from splurging too much! The Beauty Assisstant was very friendly and helpful, she coped up with my eagerness to try a lot of lippies LOL. Plus, I was given two exclusive samples – very generous, unlike the BAs in Indonesia. Hah.

Fashion Haul
You know I love H&M so much – especially when it’s doing sale! I bought a looooot of stuff from them, and to be honest only a few was bought at normal price; most of things you see here were grabbed at half of price. He he he. I never really bought clothes for full price…knowing they’d be on sale very soon. #wordstoliveby

I’m not going to talk a lot now, let the pictures talk for you:

Miscellanous - but this daiso wrap paper is soooo cute!! RM 6 only!

Hooded Sweater - IDR 199,900 (was IDR 399,900)

Shirt with Applique - RM 40 (Was RM 89,90)

Stradivarius Off the Shoulder Cropped Top - IDR 59,900 (Was IDR 99,900)

H&M Cropped Long Sleeves - RM 40 (Was RM 89.90)

H&M Knitted Turtle Neck - RM 40 (Was RM 79.90)

Uniqlo x LINE Men's Tee - RM 19.90 (Was RM 39.90)

Old Skool Women Tee - RM 13 (Was RM 19)

H&M Mesh Body Suit - IDR 100,000 (Was IDR 250,000)

H&M Bodycon Skirt - IDR 70,000 (Was IDR 129,900)

Bershka Mom High Waist Short - birthday gift from my bitjs! Thanks a loooooot gurls <3

H&M Cropped Top - IDR 69,900

H&M Cropped Tee - IDR 69,900

H&M Cropped Top - IDR 69,900

Accessorize London Nylon Backpack - IDR 330,000 (Was IDR 459,000)

Giordano Polo Shirt for Women - RM 25 (SO CHEAP RIGHT)

H&M Grey Sweater - IDR 150,000 (Was IDR 249,900)

Tennis Skirt - IDR 40,000 (what a steaaaaal! It's brand new too!!!)

Nike Air Max Thea Black - birthday gift from Chub thanks bby!!


OK la now I’m so tired already, sorry for the super long post – hope you enjoy it as well as I do while making it! For the sale items, quickly go to the nearest stores if you spot something you like here, they might be still available!

If you have any requests on product reviews/try-on haul post/video, just let me know in the comment section below. I will try my best to do it for you😉
Bye for now, XOXO ¬